toshiba inverter - drive
toshiba motor controller VF-S15
toshiba vf-s15 inverter - motor drive
Simple compact and high performance ac motor drive Toshiba VF-S15 inverter

The new Toshiba VF-S15, standard general purpose drive, is designed for controlling wide range of
variable torque and constant torque applications such as pumps, fans, lifts, conveyors, machine tool,
food processor and mixers as well as for process control in various types of industries.
Also, PM motor drive for energy saving and a wide variety of communication options are available
for all needs.
PM (Permanent) motor drive
PM motor drive Permanent magnetic motor(SPM, IPM) can be driven for energy saving purpose.
Energy saving
Energy saving Reducing the energy consumption for variable torque application (FAN and Pump)

Installation The bottom wire protection cover can be removed by one push opener.
I/O terminal dorr cover can be locked for safety.
Setting dial
Setting dial Easy to operate for parameter writing and monitoring with setup dial.

Dual rating
Dual rating Both constant torque application and high current variable torque application can
be operated.
Easy Key
Easy Key Up to 32 kinds of parameter can be stored for one group.

Parameter writter (Optional)
Parameter writter VF-S15 can be programmed parameters without power connection.
Long-life design
Long-life design 10 years life design by using long life capacitors.

Easy operation of high torque load
Easy operation of high torque load Vector control mode generate stable, high torque power from
motor startup to a desired motor operating speed.
Easy setting, simple operation with the large dial
Just turn and push the large setting dial to browse and
select the right parameter. The reference frequency can
be also set by the large setting dial.
Parameter can be set without power supply to the inverter
Using the optional parameter writer, you can read/write/
retain/set parameters.
It is useful in case of incorporate numbers of inverters to
the machine.
Showing most frequently used parameter in EASY mode.
EASY key allows you switch between EASY mode and
Standard mode.
EASY mode: Scrolls through a list of most frequently
used parameter.(32 parameters in maximum.)
Standard mode: Show all existing parameters.
Long lifetime
Long life main-circuit capacitor is used to achieve 10
years lifetime design.
Harmonize with environment
1. Compliance with the European RoHS Directive.
2. Built-in noise filters to suppress electromagnetic noise.
1-Phase 240V models and 3-Phase 500V models:
Built-in EMC noise filter complies with the European
EMC Directive.
3-Phase 240V models: Built-in basic noise filter.
Side-by-side installation
Side-by-side installation is possible for all VF-S15 models.
It means that you can further save space as two or more
units can be installed in close proximity next to each
Along with the motor, achieve energy savings.
1. High energy saving performance PM motor can be driven normally.(For variable torque)
Auto-tuning can set motor constant easily.
2. Energy saving mode for induction motor. Improve the energy saving effect of variable torque load such as fan and pump.
Easy operation of high torque load.
Vector control mode generate stable, high torque power from motor startup to a desired motor operating speed.
Further, if you set the starting frequency to 0.1Hz, motor can start smoothly with strength.
PM Motor drive technology
The VF-S15 controls not only 3-phase induction motors (Standard, High efficiency motor)
but also Interior Permanent Magnetic Motor(IPM) and Surface Permanent Magnetic Motor(SPM)
for high effi ciency, high torque, energy saving, downsizing and lightening.
Energy saving mode
The effi ciency of induction motor normally falls at the light load and low speed.
The Energy saving mode minimize the loss of induction motor by controlling excitation
current belong to the load.
Therefore, this mode increase fan and pump effi ciency even in the low speed.
•Built-in  RS-485 communications: Modbus-RTU protocol/TOSHIBA  protocol.
•Network options
CC-Link,PROFIBUS-DP ,DeviceNet™ ,EtherNet/IP™-Modbus TCP ,EtherCAT® ,CANopen®
This auto-tuning function allows you to set the motor constant easily, which needs to be set when operating in
vector control or PM motor drive. With vector control mode and PM motor control
mode(For Variable torque), auto-tuning function leads you easy access to motor constant setup and fully use
of all the advantages of motor. Motor information is required for the auto-tuning:
•Motor rated capacity (kW) , •Motor rated current (A) , •Motor rated speed (min
Drooping function
Preventing loads from concentrating at a specifi c motor because of a load imbalance when multiple inverters are
used to operate one machine.
Learning function
Setting and storing to memory required parameters while performing actual operation is also provided to facilitate adjustments.
ACC/DEC pattern
(S-parttern) function To minimize the shocks caused in starting and stopping and change the ACC/DEC rate according
to the machine characteristics and its applications.
Long lifetime
Harmonize with environment
EASY key
•Network options
energy saving
Toshiba VF-S15 User manual (big) pdf
Shock monitor function
Low Voltage runnig
Toshiba VF-S15 Quick manual pdf
French,Russian,Turkish,Simplified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese,Korean
RS485 communication
Hit and stop control
Lift application
PROFIBUS®-DP communication
Toshiba VF-S15 Parameter list  for customer
Traverse function
DeviceNet communication
EtherCAT® communication
PID contol
CANopen® communication
EtherNet/IPTM - Modbus TCP
*Registered trademark
CC-Link is Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, DeviceNet is ODVA(Open DeviceNet Vendor Association), EtherNet/IP is
ControlNet International, Ltd, EtherCAT is Beckhoff AutomationGmbH, CANopen is CAN in Automation.
Operation·Management on a PC (Free software available)
•Edit and monitor(PCM001Z)
The PCM001Z communication software allows you to edit, monitor, and trace parameter data on a PC, enabling easier data
management from inverter startup through to maintenance.
•Data storage of the protection operation: Tracing function(PCT001Z) Memorize and read out the data collected at the
time of tripping or triggering.
•Remote control
Using the EtherNet option, it can be remote controlled from PC. •Sensor less step-out detection

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