toshiba inverter - drive
Voltage Rating
200-240 V 200 to 240 V 380-500 V 525-600 V
Input Voltage Tolerance
-10/+10% -10/+10% -10/+10% -10/+10%
Voltage Regulation
Adjustable Between 50 to 600 V by Correcting Supply Voltage (Not Adjustable Above Input Voltage)
PWM Carrier Frequency
Adjustable Between 2.0 to 16 KHz (Default 12 KHz/Current Derate Applies Above 4 KHz}
Control System
Sine-Wave PWM System
V/Hz Pattern
Open-Loop Vector, Constant Torque, Variable Torque, Auto-Torque Boost, Manual Torque Boost,
Auto-Energy-Saving, Dynamic Auto-Energy-Saving, PM Motor Control, Auto-Tuning,
Base Frequency 25 to 500 Hz, Torque Boost 0 to 30%, Start Frequency 0.5 to 10 Hz
Overload Rating 150% for 60 seconds, 200% for .5 second
Frequency Setting
Potentiometer and Digital Input on Front Panel,
Remote Potentiometer (1 to 10 KΩ), 0 to 10 VDC (Input Impedance VIA/VIB=30 KΩ),
4 to 20 mAdc (Input Impedance 250 Ω, 15 Preset Speeds by Contact Closure)
Frequency Precision
Analog Input ±0.5% of Maximum Output Frequency, Digital Input ±0.01% of Maximum Output Frequency
Frequency Command Resolution
0.01 Hz Operation Panel, 0.1 Hz Analog Input
Output Frequency Range
0.5 to 500 Hz (Default 0.5 to 80 Hz, Maximum Frequency 3 to 500 Hz)
Frequency Jump
Three Frequencies with Adjustable Range
PID Control Proportional Gain, Integral Gain, and Differential Gain Settings and Control Wait Time
Upper and Lower Limit Frequencies
Upper Limit Frequency: 0 to Maximum Frequency; Lower Limit Frequency: 0 to Upper Limit Frequency
Input Terminals
Eight Input Terminals Programmable to 65 Functions, Logic Selectable Between Sink and Source
Analog Inputs
One 4 to 20 mA, One 0 to10 V or 1 to 10 KΩ Potentiometer Connections
Output Contacts
One Open-Collector and One Relay Contact Programmable to 58 Functions
Analog Output
1 mA/7.5 VDC or Switch Selectable to 0 to 20 mA (4 to 20 mA), Programmable to 19 Functions
Power Terminals
Input (L1, L2, L3), Output (T1, T2, T3), DCL (PO, PA), DBR (PA, PB), DC BUS (PA, PC)
Protective Functions
Stall Prevention, Current Limitation, Output Short Circuit, Overvoltage, Overvoltage Limitation,
Undervoltage, Ground Fault, Power
Supply Phase Failure, Output Phase Failure, Overload Protection, Overcurrent at Startup, Overtorque,
Undercurrent, Overheat,
Cumulative Operation Time, Life Alarm, Emergency Stop, Braking Resistor Overload, Various Pre-Alarms
ASD Can Automatically Clear Fault Upon Trip; Programmable to 10 Tries with Up to 10 Seconds Between Retry
ASD Will Smoothly Catch Spinning Motor
Temperature: -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F); Humidity 93% Non-Condensing
NEMA 1/IP20 (Enclosed Type)
LED Indications
Run, Monitor Mode, Program Mode, % and Hz Indication, Frequency Setting Mode by Potentiometer or
Up/Down Keys, DC Bus
Capacitors Charged
Operation Frequency, Operation Frequency Command, Forward/Reverse Run, Output Current,
Voltage in DC Section, Output Voltage,Torque, Torque Current, Drive Load , DBR Load,
Input Power, Output Power, Monitor of Input and Output Terminals, CPU and
Versions, PID Feedback and Frequency Command, Rated Current, Past Trips 1-4,
Parts Replacement Alarm, Cumulative Run Time
Selectable Display Units Current and Voltage Display Selectable Between
Amps/Volts or % Along with Scaling Factor Multiplier
toshiba drive
TOSHIBA VF-S11 Inverter — Quality by Design
Toshiba's culture and history are strongly rooted in quality. Our designs are
technologically innovative, and our products are manufactured from start to
end using only the highest quality domestic and foreign parts.
Product Warranty
Toshiba offers a comprehensive warranty program on its full line of industrial
products. Consult your salesperson or the factory for specific information.
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Toshiba VF-S11 User Manual  (pdf)
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    Toshiba inverter VF-S11  User's manual (pdf)    

IP54 enclosure model  E6581225
User's Manual - English (Simplified manual) E6581306
User's Manual - English  E6581160
User's Manual - French  E6581161
User's Manual - Germany  E6581162
User's Manual - Italian  E6581163
User's Manual - Spanish  E6581164
User's Manual - Portuguese  E6581165
User's Manual - Chinese  E6581166

TOSHIBA INVERTER VF-S11  Function manual
Serial Communication manual E6581222
V/F control functions E6581396
Braking setting functions  E6581310
LONWORKS® built-in board option (LIU005Z-1) communication manual E6581467
LONWORKS® built-in board option (LIU005Z) communication manual E6581250
DeviceNet® built-in board option (DEV001Z) communication manual E6581268
CC-LINK® built-in board option (CCL002Z) communication manual  E6581424
Load reduction at use condition and ambient temperature, E6581321

Toshiba inverter VF-S11  Manual for Option

EMI filter for CE marking  (EMFS11-*****) E6581247
RS485 built-in board option (RS4003Z) E6581230
LONWORKS® built-in board option (LIU005Z-1) E6581465
LONWORKS® built-in board option (LIU005Z) E6581232
DeviceNet® built-in board option (DEV001Z) E6581271
CC-LINK® built-in board option (CCL002Z) E6581422
Communication cable within RS232C converter RS20035 E6581062
RS232C converter RS2001Z E6580725
RS485 converter RS4001Z E6580718
RS485 converter RS4002Z E6580938
Parameter Writer PWU001Z E6580724
Remote Keypad RKP001Z E6580723
Remote Keypad with parameter writer function: RKP002Z E6581277
Communication cable for IP54 enclosure model C  CAB0031 E6581267

VF-S11  Others
Parameter List for VFS11 up to Ver105   E6581241
Parameter List for VFS11 Ver108, 109  E6581304
Parameter List for VFS11 Ver112, 113   E6581525
Parameter List for VFS11 Ver116 ~ 119  E6581553