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Toshiba VF-MB1 Brochure
Shape Your Industry Toshiba VF-MB1
Fit your application by 3 advanced features.
The VF-MB1 can drive elevator, lifting, conveyor, food & beverage
processing, material handling, machine tool and various applications
          SLIM SHAPE BODY              
Side-by-side installation
Flat Mounting Installation
          FLEXIBLE OPERATION         
Simple Panel
“Turn and Push” setting dial   RUN and STOP keys Communication
Built-in  RS485 and CANopen® , Add-on option>>> EtherNet/IP TM
-Modbus ®TCP, PROFIBUS®DP, DeviceNetTM,  EtherCAT®
         Dual rating                      
Two types of rating can drive   variable torque and constant  
torque applications with minimal   drive size.
Sensor-less Permanent Magnetic motor,SPM/IPM, and
Induction Motor drive capability
Toshiba unique magnetic pole position detection
       Side-by-side installation         
The VF-MB1 has been minimized width size in  comparison
with conventional model.
In addition, side-by-side installation can save space
in control cabinet (*1).
For limited space For thin wall cubicle
CANopen®,PROFIBUS® DP,CANopen®,EtherNet/IP TM
Modbus ® TCP,EtherCAT ® , CANopen®,DeviceNet TM
SUB-D 9 pin - RJ45 for Daisychain Terminal Block

*1: Current reduction is required if VF-MB1 is installed
into less ventilation spaces such as narrow space and
side-by-side installation.
*2: The model whose front block is attached 90 degree is
modified with additional mount bracket in factory.
Please request 90 degree type with order, if it is required.
     Flat Mounting installation         
The VF-MB1 can be mounted by Flat Mounting and
front block can be attached 90 degree by using
additional mount bracket (*2).
The space can be minimized with various installation (*1)
Induction motor and Permanent Magnetic (PM) motor drive

The VF-MB1 controls not only 3-phase induction motors
(Standard, High efficiency motor) but also Interior
Permanent Magnetic Motor (IPM) and Surface
Permanent Magnetic Motor (SPM) for high efficiency,
high torque, energy saving, downsizing and lightening.
              PM drive technology                                     
Power-ON sensor less initial magnetic pole detection
- Initial magnetic pole position can be detected quickly
without magnetic pole sensor. -
Motor has high starting torque - It can minimize motor
space, wiring and suitable with system requirements.
(If the auto-tuning performed with motor rated parameter
settings, high torque control operation can be achieved.)
Hit and stop function (Torque limit function)
Extra limit switch can be eliminated for conveyor,
machine   tool or other mechanical application by using
Hit and stop function with torque limit function
which can be  adjusted torque value of motor torque,
and motor rotation  can be stopped by torque detection.
              Servo lock function                                     
The VF-MB1 and PM motor combined, servo lock function  
can be used for automated system. It can control easily for
stop and go applications by smooth speed reduction 
control for shock-less mechanical braking.
            Sensor less step-out detection                        
The VF-MB1 will keep detecting the pole position during  
PM motor is rotating. This function can prevent the 
step-out even if motor has impact and variable load torque.
Constant and Variable torque control
The VF-MB1 can drive PM motor with not only variable  
torque but also constant torque which is required large  
torque when motor start to rotate.
                   FLEXIBLE TERMINALS                              
      Internal software PID Control    
Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Motion control can be controlled with
minimal over or less drive by using feedback analog signals from a sensor,
detector and process control.
      Torque limit function              
Output frequency can be decreased or increased according to the loading
condition when the motor torque reaches the limit level such as paper and film
rolling machine. 
     Light-load high-speed operation 
The light-load high-speed operation is used to improve the operating
efficiency of the machine by increasing the rotational speed of the motor when
it is operated under light load.
This function is useful for constant-torque load applications which repeatedly
drive light and heavy loads, such as lifts and transfer equipment.
       Braking function                    
Lifts, crane and similar equipment require the smooth operation for braking
and release timing with motor torque. The motor can produce enough torque
before the brake is released by this function
         Droop control                      
When single load is operated by multiple drives and motors, each drive and
motor are necessary to control same value of load to prevent overload.
This function can share the single loads to multiple drives.
       Other functions                     
V/F 5 points setting
Forced fire-speed control
Bumpless operation
Tracing functions
Integrating wattmeter
Logic sequence function
      Simple setup by Easy key        
For quick setting, pressing the EASY key on the panel allows you to operate
the inverter by eight basic parameters. When setting each of the functions,
press the EASY key to move to the standard mode by one-touch operation. In
this mode, you can access all parameters.
The maximum of 32 target parameters are displayed and assigned to suit with
your specific setup requirements.
Safety function (approval pending)
The VF-MB1 supports the Safe Torque Off (STO) function according
to following standards.
- EN/IEC 61508
- EN954-1
- ISO 13849-1
The STO function can be set by using parameter settings.
When STO input is open, drive stops and start is prohibited until STO
input is reconnected.
Eco design
The VF-MB1 complies with the European RoHS Directive.
EMC noise filter inside
Built-in noise filters are ideal for site such as commercial facilities and offices
where attention must be paid to peripheral devices. Compared to filter not
integrated models, space and wiring can be saved by incorporating filter in the
panel. The VF-MB1 complies with the European EMC Directive.
Long lifetime
         10 years of operation design                
The main-circuit capacitor, cooling fan and control board capacitors are 
designed for 10 years lifetime design.
- Conditions - Ambient temperature: 40 °C Output current:
80% of the rated current
Running time: 24 hours/365 days

(*1) The designed lifetime is calculated value.
(*2) It is not guaranteed time.
Monitor informs when to replace major parts
The VF-MB1 tells you when to replace major parts and keeps track of the
cumulative operation time. Since the VF-MB1 can generate warning, you can
prevent a problem before it occurs.
              Gear motor                    
When using an inverter to drive a gear motor, inquire of the motor manufacturer about its continuous operation range due to the followings:
- The low-speed operation of a gear motor may cause insufficient lubrication
- The loss of a gear may be increasing than commercial power supply drives.
- In case of the high frequency operation, the acoustic noise and motor temperature may be higher.
Toshiba Gold Motor (High-efficiency power-saving motor)
Inverter-driven operation of Toshiba Gold Motors is the best solution for saving energy.
This is because these motors have improved efficiency, power factor, and noise/vibration reduction characteristics when compared to standard motors.
             Pole-changing motor          
Pole-changing motors can be driven by this inverter. Before changing poles, however, be sure to let the motor come to a complete stop.
If you change motor connection while inverter drives, the protective function of inverter occurs.
              Underwater motors           
Note that underwater motors have higher rated current than general motors The current ratings of underwater motors are relatively high.
So, when selecting an inverter, you must pay special attention to its current rating so that the current rating of the motor is below that of the inverter.
When the lengths of the motor cable are long, please use thicker cable than a table of ‘Wiring devices’ because the maximum
torque is decreased by the voltage dropping..
Moreover, please pay attention to select leakage circuit breakers.
               Single-phase motor           
Because single-phase motors are equipped with a centrifugal switch and capacitors for starting, they cannot be driven by an inverter.
When single phase motors are driven by inverters, a centrifugal switch and capacitors may be broken. If only a single-phase,
power system is available a 3-phase motor can be driven by using a single-phase input inverter to convert it into a 3-phase 200V output.
(A special inverter and a 3-phase 200V motor are required.)
                Braking motor                 
When using a braking motor, if the braking circuit is directly connected to the inverter's output terminals, the brake cannot be released
because of the lowered starting voltage.
Therefore, when using a braking motor, connect the braking circuit to the inverter's power supply side, as shown on the below.
Usually, braking motors produce larger noise in low speed ranges.
* Toshiba VF-MB1  User's manual (detaied)
* VF-MB1  User's manual (simple)
add not
* German, * Italian

* RS485 Communication Function Instruction Manual
* CANopen® communication manual
* DeviceNet Option DEV003Z
* EtherNet/IPTM - Modbus® TCP optionaI PE002Z
* EtherCAT® optionaI PE003Z
* Logic sequence Function Instruction Manual
* Traverse control Instruction Manual
* Functions for lift application
* Hit and stop control
* ATEX Guide
* Safety function manual

VF-MB1  Manual for Option

* CANopen® Communication option Precautions Manual
* DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP Communication option 
* Remote Keypad RKP002Z
* Remote Keypad RKP007Z
* Parameter writer Instruction Manual PWU003Z
* EMC filter EMF4
* DC BUS CABLE option Installation manual CAB0121-5
* 90 attachment kit option Installation manual SBP008Z
* Parameter list for VF-MB1 100. 102
* Parameter list for VF-MB1 (V106) 
Toshiba inverter
Toshiba inverter
Toshiba inverter
Toshiba inverter
Toshiba inverter
Toshiba inverter
Toshiba inverter
Slim design
For 240V-0.2kW to 0.75kW and 500V-0.4kW to
1.5kW models are fitted to 45mm slim design.
And also, 240V-1.5kW to 2.2kW and 500V-2.2kW
to 4.0kW models can be fitted to 60mm.
<45mm width>
1ph-240V: 0.2kW to 0.75kW
3ph-500V: 0.4kW to 1.5kW
<60mm width>
1ph-240V: 1.5kW and 2.2kW
3ph-500V: 2.2kW and 4.0kW
Conveyor, Machine tool,Crane Hoist
Example: VFMB1-4110PL
11kW rated drive can
be used for 15kW motor
Dual rating (CT/VT)
The VF-MB1 can be used for the constant
torque and variable torque applications
by dual rating operation.
(5.5kW or larger type)
For example, if variable torque application
fan and pump) require 15kW drives,
it can be operated by 11kW
rated of VF-MB1.
Fan / Blower  Pump
DC bus terminals are located in top side for
the model of 4.0kW or less, and bottom side
for the model of 5.5kW to 15kW.
These DC bus terminals are useful for Textile
machinery in case of connecting multi-drive
to the common DC bus supply
Toshiba inverter mb1
Toshiba inverter