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TOSHİBA İNVERTER VF-AS1 User's manual (WN, WP model) E6581301

VF-AS1 User's manual (690V input model) E6581528

VF-AS1 User's manual (Japanese model) E6581300

Pages (HTML) ALL (PDF: 8.7M) E6581445

Precautions of using 4-20mA input signal E6581591(English)
Additional information for KC marking E6581941
Compliance with UL Standard E6581976
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VF-AS1  Function manual

RS485 Communicating manual E6581315
PID control fucntion  E6581329
My function  E6581335
Torque control function  E6581331
Current and speed control gain adjustment method  E6581333
VFAS1 with V3 motor (PG feedback option: VEC007Z)  E6581530
VFAS1 with SV motor (PG feedback option: VEC004Z) E6581570
VFAS1 with high speed motor  E6581643
Commercial/Inverter switching  E6581364
Traverse functionfor texitile machine E6581337
Explanation of functions for lift application Basic chapter E6581462
Adjustment method for braking functions  E6581463
Function of high-speed operation at low-load E6581327
DC link connection E6581431
ATEX guide  E6581502
Safety function manual E6581927
USB-to-Serial Conversion Unit function  USB001Z  E6581299
DeviceNet® function  DEV002Z  E6581281
PROFIBUS DP® function PDP002Z  E6581343
CC-LINK® function  CCL001Z1 E6581477
CC-LINK® function  CCL001Z  E6581288
EtherNet/IPTM function IPE001Z E6581581
Modbus TCP function  MBE001Z E6581636
VF-AS1  Manual for Option

Optional Control Power Supply Backup E6581289
PG feedback board option  VEC004Z ~ VEC007Z  E6581319
Sensor conversion cable between V3 motor and VEC007ZCABV07 E6581509
Expansion IO Card Option 1 ETB003Z   E6581339
Expansion IO Card Option 2 ETB004Z  E6581341
Remote Keypad  RKP002Z  E6581277
LCD Remote Keypad  RKP004Z E6581323
USB-to-Serial Conversion Unit  USB001Z  E6581282
PROFIBUS DP® option PDP002Z  E6581279
DeviceNet® option DEV002Z  E6581295
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CC-LINK® Option CCL001Z1   E6581476
CC-LINK® Option CCL001Z  E6581286
EtherNet/IPTM OptionI PE001Z E6581580
Modbus TCP Option MBE001Z E6581635
RFI filter (Foot mount type EMC filter) EMF3-4012A ~ 4180H E6581408
EMC plate  EMP101Z ~ EMP108Z E6581367
Heatsink Outside Mounting Kit  FOT001Z ~ FOT005Z  E6581399
Heatsink Outside Mounting Kit  FOT006Z ~ FOT009Z  E6581400
Heatsink Outside Mounting Kit  FOT010Z ~ FOT015Z  E6581365
Heatsink Outside Mounting Kit  FOT011Z mounting instruction  E6581659
DC choke kit installation sheet DCL1-**** E6581346
Braking unit PB7-4200K, 4400K  E6581436
dV/dt filter MSL-****T    E6581547
Sinusoidal filter SWF-****K  E6581472
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VF-AS1  Others
Parameter List Parameter list for VFAS1  E6581360
Parameter List Parameter list for VFAS1 (V124) E6581468
Parameter List Parameter list for VFAS1 (V130~V142) E6581452
Parameter List Parameter list for VFAS1 (V130~V142 : WP1,WN1 model)
Parameter List Parameter list for VFAS1 (V150/V152 : WP1,WN1 model)
Parameter List Parameter list for VFAS1 (V154: WP1 ,WN1 model)
Designed with the end-user in mind, the AS1 drive combines a rugged, proven
power platform with the latest technologies to provide users with a smarter,
stronger, more reliable drive with flexible application control.


* Advanced Design separates the AS1 from the competition.The modular construction of the AS1
allows the unit to be installed into nearly any application quickly and easily. The laminated
bus-plane technology used in the AS1 allows for a reduced component count, enhanced reliability,
and easier service.

* Simple Programming
allows the  user  to  operate  the AS1  drive  with  little or no programming.
At the same time, the AS1 maintains one of the most expansive parameter sets in the industry,
allowing you to tailor the drive to your specific application.
* Tough Environmental Conditions are no problem for the AS1 drive. Designed to operate in extreme
environments, the AS1 can operate in temperatures up to 122°F without derating and can also be
configured for use in temperatures of up to 140°F. Designed to be used in a sealed cabinet,
the AS1 allows integrators to mount the heat-sink externally to the drive cabinet for simple
and efficient cooling of the unit.

* Improved Control is possible with the AS1’s improved PID algorithm, making it easier than ever to
dial in your process control application. New parameters such as a delay filter and a process control
lower limit, and new functions such as the AS1’s new speed PID and easy positioning algorithms,
give the drive expanded capabilities to take on difficult applications.

* Powerful Performance is key to the AS1’s success. The AS1 offers both sensorless and feedback
vector control providing heavy duty performance. Toshiba’s motor over flux braking technology
allows the AS1 to provide as much as 30% of its rated power for use in stopping a heavy or high
inertia load without the use of a dynamic braking resistor.

* Built-In LED Interface allows for quick, user-friendly programming and easy modification of the
expanded parameter set. The optional LCD keypad is able to store parameter sets which permit
the user to set up multiple drives using these saved parameters.

* My Function, Toshiba’s proprietary programming feature, allows the user to utilize logic-type
programming without the expense of a micro PLC. The user is able to read analog and digital
inputs and outputs as well as monitor and compare data. When programmed in a user-defined
logic sequence, the use of this data will allow for a higher level of process control not normally
seen in an adjustable speed drive.
f Eight Digital Inputs & Three Digital Outputs are an integral part of the AS1’s versatility.
Each of these inputs/outputs can be programmed to any 1 of more than 67 possible functions.
When used in conjunction with My Function programming, the capabilities of these terminals
are virtually limitless.
AS1 ac motor controlles
*  A Built-In Proportional/Integral/Derivative (PID) Control Algorithm provides regulation of
critical processes.
High and low speed limits, deviation limits, online switching, and a built-in sleep function are
included to enhance the flexibility and reliability of PID process control.

* Toshiba’s Proprietary Windows®-Based ASD Pro Software is available at no additional cost.
This easy to use software provides a full range of programming and monitoring tools for the AS1.
Trending and logging features allow the user to save and transfer parameters and export data
and graphs to electronic files that easily convert into spreadsheets or graphs for field and
validation reports.


The AS1 drive offers two RS485 ports with one full-duplex and one half-duplex, as well as a wide
array of easily installed option boards. These boards allow the user to communicate with a wide
variety of systems. Options include:
DeviceNet,Ethernet/IP,Modbus Plus,Profibus DP,Profinet IO,Modbus TCP/IP


The AS1 can be supplied with additional options to expand control, allow greater flexibility,
and provide better protection for a user’s application. These options include:
AC Line & Load Reactors,DV/DT Long-Lead Filters,Extended Terminal Cards,Encoder Feedback Cards
Harmonic Filters,Remote-Mountable Keypads
MODEL RANGE 0.5 to 100 HP 1 to 700 HP 2 to 700 HP
Voltage Rating 200 to 240 V 380 to 460 V 500 to 690 V
Input Tolerance Voltage: ±10%; Frequency ±5%
Output Frequency 0 to 500 Hz
Control Method Sinusodial Pulse Width Modulation (PWM); Flux-Field Current Vector Control; Set Point Control (PID)
V/Hz Control
Constant Torque, Voltage Decrease Curve, Automatic Torque Boost, Sensorless Vector Control, Five-Point V/Hz
Custom Curve, PM Drive, & PG Feedback Vector Control
PWM Carrier Frequency Adjustable 1.0 to 16 kHz (For Drive Specific Information Consult Factory)
Frequency Setting
Rotary Encoder Integrated into EOI, 0 to 10 VDC, ±10 VDC, 4 to 20 mA, Digital Input, Binary Input, & Motorized
Potentiometer Input
Frequency Precision Analog Input ±0.2% of Maximum Output Frequency; Discrete/Communications Input ±0.01% of Maximum Output
Main Protective Functions
Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Inverter Overheat, Load-Side Short Circuit, Ground Fault, ASD Overload,
Communications Error, Auto-Tuning Error, Emergency Stop, Undervoltage, Overtorque, Open-Output Phase, Motor
Overload, Low Operating Current, Option PCB Error, & Gate Array Error
Retry User-Set Number of Retries for Automatic System Restart After Trip
Restart Able to Smoothly Catch Freewheeling Motor (Bidirectional)
Overload Current Rating 100% Continuous; 150% for One Minute
Digital Input Eight Discrete Input Terminals Programmable to 67 Functions (May Be Increased Using Optional Hardware)
Digital Output
Three Discrete Output Terminals Programmable to 65 Functions; One Form-C Contact & Two Open Collector Outputs
Analog Input Three Programmable: One 4 to 20 mA, One 0 to 10 VDC Input, & One ±10 VDC Input
Analog Output Two Programmable: One 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC & One 0 to 1 mA Output or 0 to 7.5 VDC
Communication Ports Two-Wire RS485 & Four-Wire RS485
Display Integral 7 Segment LED Keypad for Programming, Monitoring, & Diagnostics
LED Indicators Run, Prg, Mon, %, Hz, & DC Bus Charge Indicator (Red)
Keys Run, Stop, Mode, Ent, Up, Down, & Easy
Output Current, DC Voltage, Output Voltage, Run Time, Motor Load, Motor Overload, ASD Load, Output Power, RR
Input, V/I Input, RX Input, RX2 Input, & AM/FM Output
Enclosure ANSI-RAL7016 Charcoal Gray; NEMA; IP20; Wall Mount; Front-Access Only
Power Cables Top/Bottom Access for Input/Motor Cables
Cooling Forced-Air Cooled; Heat-Sink Out the Back (Option)
Standards & Compliances IEEE, UL, ULC, CSA, NEMA, NEC, CE, NOM-117, C-TICK, & GOST
Ambient Temperature
-10 to 50°C (60°C with Derate)
Altitude 3300 ft. Above Sea Level
Humidity 95% Maximum (Non-Condensing)
Installation Indoor; No Direct Sunlight; Protect from Corrosive Gases
The AS1 drive builds on Toshiba’s history of supplying powerful, reliable and versatile
drives. We have combined our best drive features with the latest technologies making
the AS1 the new contender in the ASD market.
Advanced Design
The modular construction of the AS1 allows the unit to be installed into nearly any
application quickly and easily. The AS1’s laminated bus plane technology provides
a reduced component count, better reliability and easier service.
Simple Programming
Toshiba’s unified programming philosophy means you can operate the AS1 with little
or no programming. At the same time, we have maintained one of the most
expansive parameter sets in the industry allowing you to fine tune the drive for a
specific application.
Tough Environment
The AS1 is designed to operate in extreme environments. It can operate in temperatures
up to 122°F without de-rate. It can also be configured for use in temperatures up to
140°F. The AS1 is designed for use in a sealed cabinet. This allows integrators to
mount the AS1 heat-sink external to the drive cabinet for simple and efficient cooling
of the unit.
Powerful Performance
Using Toshiba’s new Motor-Over-Flux-Braking-Technology, the AS1 can provide as
much as 30% of its rated power for use in stopping a heavy or high inertia load without
the use of a dynamic brake resistor.
Smart Operation
Toshiba’s “My Function” programming allows the AS1 to operate as a simple PLC.
Basic logic function programming can now be performed on the ASD.
Easy Communications
The AS1 has been designed to accommodate multiple, stackable option cards that
mount underneath the unit’s keypad quickly and easily. In addition, the AS1 drive can
accept two inputs from external communication units via the two onboard RS-485
communication ports.
Broad Compliance
The AS1 is certified by a broad range of governing and regulatory bodies
making it a truly global product.
VF-AS1 toshiba
toshiba drive
Toshiba vf as1 ac drive
toshiba ac speed control
TOSHIBA INVERTER VF-AS1 Ac motor speed control for Maximum performance
Heavy Duty drive
The AS1 Adjustable Speed Drive builds on Toshiba’s history of supplying powerful, reliable and versatile drives.
The modular construction of the AS1 allows the unit to be installed into nearly any application quickly and easily.
The drive can operate with little or no programming. At the same time, the AS1 maintains one of the most expansive parameter sets in the
industry. Its sealed cabinet design, new PID algorithm and motor-over-flux-braking technology make this drive adept to handle the most difficult
applications. The AS1’s advanced features and new technologies make it the new contender in the PWM control drive market.