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V200 Series Micro PLCs
Micro Programmable Logic Controller

Toshiba’s V200 series products are micro programmable
logic controllers with optional expansion I/O. Impressive
communications capabilities, an advanced instruction set,
and a large memory (program and data register) make
the V200 and ideal fit for applications that previously
required larger, more expensive programmable controllers.
In addition, the V200’s high-speed performance makes
them especially suited for sophisticated machine-control
and complicated process control applications.

Key Features:
Networking: Modbus Master/Slave, Modbus TCP/IP
Client/Server, Toshiba Inverter/ASD, & Others
Advanced Math: Double Register, Floating Point,
Log & AntiLog, Etc.
Integrated Setup Software: Same Software Programs
all the OIS PLUS (Operator Interface Stations) as well
as V200 Series PLCs

Wide Variety of I/O Modules: HS Inputs, PWM Outputs,
Thermocouple, RTD, Etc.
Computer Control Instructions: I/O Interrupts,
For-Next Loops, Subroutines, Indirect Addressing, Etc.
Communications Modules: SMS Module Coming Soon
IEC 61131 Programming Option: Coming Soon
* Toshiba plc manual V200 Ladder Instructions
* Toshiba plc V200 Hardware & Setup 
* Toshiba plc Networking

V200 PLC Hazardous Area Certification 
* V200 Brochure 
* T1-16S Migration Flyer
* T1-40S Migration Flyer 
TIC All Products Brochure
OIL-DS Setup-Programming Software: OIL-DS Ver 1.41 Release 120927 
Software Registration Form 
V2000 Series Small PLCs (S2E/S2T)

V-Series S2E/S2T - Small Powerful Modular
Style Programmable Controllers

Toshiba's S2E/S2T controllers are small, modular
type programmable controllers suitable for
simple relay replacement all the way to
complex control applications. The S2E/S2T
are 3rd generation T2 Series CPUs used
with V-Series racks, I/O, and power supplies.
The S2E/S2T provides a functional, economical,
and compact solution to a wide range of
applications in automotive, machine control,
and process control systems.

Key Features

T-Series Compatible. Any program written
for a T-Series CPU can be downloaded
directly into the S2E/S2T without modification.
Comment Storage in CPU. Device/register
tags and comments can be stored in CPU module.
Tags and comments can be viewed in the on-line
mode without access to the original program.
Large Program Memory.
* EtherSetupE Users Guide 
* S2E/S2T Profibus Module User's Manual 
* S2E User Manual Part 1
* S2E User Manual Part 2 
* S2T User Manual Part 1 
* S2T User Manual Part 2 
* Tosline S20LP 
* Tosline S20 ASC 
* V2000 Series Racks/Backplanes 
* T2 DeviceNet Scanner Module 
* Tosline S20 SIF 
* Change Detect Module User's Guide 
* T2 Analog I/O Users Manual 
* Tosline S20 
* C2/C3 Manual Control Communication Library 
* T-PDS Windows 
* T2 Communication Interface Module 
* S-LS Loader 
* Instruction manual 
* Active Star Coupler 22 
* Active Star Coupler 25 
* PLC Primer Order Form 
* Intelligent Analog Modules Manual 
* Quick Start 
* T-Series Protocol 
* T2 Tosline F10 Module 
* C2/C3 User's Manual 
* Pulse Input Module Manual 
* ASCII Comunications Mudule Manual 
* C2 Manual 
* T2 Pulse Input Module 
* T2 Serial Communications 

* S2E/S2T Brochure

* T-PDS Win32 Ver. 2.30 - Password Required *** 
* EtherSetup_E 
* Software Registration Form 
* T1 EDS File 
* S-LS32 Win D1 
* S-LS32 Win D2 
* S-LS32 Win D3 
toshiba plc - tr sd
Toshiba plc - trspux
A complete complement of I/O modules are available for the V200 Series. These
include 16 pt DC Input, 16 pt DC Output, 16 pt Relay Output, Analog, Thermocouple, &
RTD Inputs, and Analog Output modules. Up to 8 I/O modules can be connected to
each CPU module.

PLCs do not work alone
. They must collect data and status from all the equipment they
control and they must be able to pass this information on to higher level controllers. The
V200 can do this as well as pass information back from the high level controllers to the
equipment the V200 controls. The following protocols are built-into the V200 CPUs:
● Toshiba PLC ASCII ● Toshiba ASD ASCII
● Modbus, Master/Slave ● Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP

The V200 Series PLC is programmed with the OIL-DS software, the same software used by the
OIS (Operator Interface Stations). Thus a common tag database can be used by both the PLC
and the OIS,Main Window
When the software is started the main window opens. The main window consists of a
Navigation Window, a Ladder Edit Window, and a Properties Window. On top is the Instruction
Tool Bar.

User’s of the T-PDS programming software will find that the instructions (counters, comparisons,
move, etc) work just the same as they do in the T1 Series PLCs. The OIL-DS software has:
►A Full-Featured Program Editor, including Cut, Paste, Search, Replace, Insert, & Delete.
►Common Tag Data Base for Operator Display and internal PLC Ladder
►Group Programming with Block Merge. ►On-line Power Flow Monitor
►Program Documentation w/Tags & Comments. ►Print Map Options (usage, x-ref, etc).
►I/O Force ON/OFF from Computer Keyboard.
Programming Software
Navigation Window
Ladder Edit Window
Properties Window

Instruction Set
Along with reliable hardware, solid software, and good peripherals; a comprehensive
instruction set is also necessary. Toshiba’s many years of experience in machine
control, process control, and motion control has resulted in a full featured instruction set
for the V200 Series PLCs (the same as T1 Series). Instructions include:
Standard Ladder Instructions:
NO, NC, & Transitional Contacts
Coils, Timers, & Counters
Data Transfer Instructions
MOV, Table Initialize, Table MOV
Data Exchange, Multiplexer, Demultiplexer
Logical Instructions: AND, OR, Exclusive OR, Bit Test
Shift Instructions:
1 Bit Shift (right/left), n Bits Shift (right/left)
Shift Register, Bi-directional Shift Register
Math Instructions:
Single & Double Register Add, Subtract, Divide,& Multiply
Increment, Decrement, Log & Antilog
Data Compare Instructions:
Greater Than, Greater Than or Equal, Equal
Less Than, Less Than or Equal, Not Equal
Data Conversion Instructions:
Integer to Float, Float to Integer, Double Length to Float, Float to
Double Length Integer, HEX to ASCII, ASCII to HEX, 2’s Complement
Double Length 2’s Complement, 7-Segment Decode
Conversion to ASCII/Binary/BCD
Program Control Instructions:
Subroutine Call/Return, FOR/NEXT, Interrupt Enable/Disable, Interrupt Return
Step Sequence Initialize/Input/Output, Master Control Set/Reset
Jump Control Set/Reset
Special Process Instructions:
Moving Average, Digital Filter, PID, Limit Upper/Lower,
Max/Min/Avg Value, Function Generator, Special Module Read/Write
Note: For a complete list of all instructions and explanation of operation, please see help menu in the OIS-DS software.
Small - speed - power
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