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TOSHIBA Servo Motor
  The Toshiba servo motor control  ability can improve when it is combined with the
X series servo amplifier. The small-sized ZA type maintains high output power and
high rigidity in spite of its compact structure.
The large-sized ZA type motor comes in 11 kW and 14 kW rated
output power types, and an array of 20 kW, 33 kW and 55 kW types is available for the
large-sized G series. A broad variety of V series and T series standard motors are lined up
according to users' applications to allow them to select the best one.
Power rate setting according to
machine characteristics
How to identify motor model number
The T series standard
type has low inertia and
large torque. It is suited
for the machine requiring
quick response and
repeated very
The V series standard
type has large inertia,
thus stable rotation and
high rigidity can be
The V series ZA type is
the small-capacity motor
whose power rate
succeeds the power rate
characteristic of the T
series 3000 min-1
BS Servo Amplifier V Series  VELCONIC
● You can structure an ABS system without spoiling the
environment resistance which is characteristic of the resolver.
● Reduction in full motor length.
The full length of the V series motor is shortened by 41 mm.
● Increase in the number of motor models employing an ABS
system. This resolver can also be used for the small-size
motor models such as ZA motor.
● Wire-saving of the resolver cable. A standard cable (6-core) is
used in lieu of the special cable (12-core).
● Low-priced. The price of the motor equipped with ABS system
is the same as that of the standard motor.
Amplifier with resolver ABS + Standard motor
The V series servo amplifier has realized the high-speed positioning and
synchronization, quick response, high accuracy and remarkable performance to help
the machine operate to its full capacity. The resolver type servo has evolved further.
The new type resolver multi-turn ABS sensor system is now on the worldwide
market, which will not require the previous magnetic sensor unit any more.
In spite of the absolute specifications, only the standard resolver is enough for the
Evolving resolver feedback type servo system

The resolver type which is overwhelmingly superior to the encoder type
in environment resistance has now the performance as good as the
encoder type. The BS servo assuring quick response and high accuracy
can not only withstand a hostile environment, but build up an ideal
servo system.
In the machine employing a quick response servo, vibration will be
caused easily. Generally, deterioration is facilitated by the vibration, and
a serious trouble will occur suddenly.
The resolver has a coil structure without an electronic circuit and
assures outstanding durability against vibration. Thanks to this
durability, the BS servo is popularized in a diversity of machines
including a loom, spring fabricating machine, transport and
loading/unloading equipment, and transfer system.
Durability, quick response and high accuracy are
improving continuously.
Six control modes
Speed, current, position, speed/current/position, direct feed and draw control mode.
●High speed
Speed loop frequency characteristic is 1kHz. High-speed control is realized by high-speed
sampling of motor sensor and use of dual CPU.
●High performance
The new control system (TFC control) has been developed, which improves traceability to
command and load fluctuation dramatically.
●Easy adjustment
You can select either of the four auto tuning modes according the servo system condition.
You can perform setting of various parameters, frequency analysis, profile measurement,
input/output status display, alarm display, etc., on the personal computer, using VelWin, the
software designed for the Windows.
●Protection function
The servo system is protected by strengthening the main circuit protection function and by
various servo alarms detecting function.
●Overseas standards
Designed for the CE-Marking and UL standard. (006P, 012P, 025P, 035P, 070P, 100P,
High-speed resolver TFC control
Processing of high-speed calculation Motor sensor
The new resolver was developed. The resolver's exciting
frequency is increased. The sensing time of the motor
rotating angle is reduced to 1/4 compared with the previous
time, which results in improvement of frequency
characteristic, and servo characteristics such as quick
response and reduction in settling time.

The dual CPU system is employed together with the high-speed
resolver, which results in high-speed calculation, shorten the
delay time and improvement of frequency characteristic and
servo rigidity. Due to reduction in settling time, very frequent
positioning is possible. Even if the ratio of load inertia to motor
inertial is large, stable control can be assured.

The new control system can improve the frequency
characteristic in a low-rigidity machine liable to cause
vibration. Vibration is controlled by estimating the machine
characteristics. Thus the gain of the control system can be
enhanced and the settling time can be reduced.

The sensor requires accuracy, quick response and
environment resistance. You can select the motor sensor
best suited for your machine based on the specifications of
the encoder and resolver shown below.
TOSHIBA Servo bsx
TOSHIBA Servo motor
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