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Toshiba legacy drives

Toshiba legacy products
are an integral part of our rich history and long line of products.
Since many of these products are still in operation, we know the importance and
value of providing technical information and support for these products. 
Our main priority is to provide superior products and services to our customers,
and we are proud that our legacy products continue to be an important part of our business.
toshiba old version
Toshiba plc hmi

Programmable Logic Controller by TOSHIBA
Toshiba’s V200 series products are micro programmable logic controllers with optional expansion I/O.
Impressive communications capabilities, an advanced instruction set, and a large memory
(program and data register) make the V200 and ideal fit for applications that previously required larger,
more expensive programmable controllers. In addition, the V200’s high-speed performance makes them
especially suited for sophisticated machine-control and complicated process control applications.
Toshiba Servo Motor & drive

Servomechanism, respectively. actuator except for the engine itself (usually electric)
includes a sensor and control loop with feedback. It can be either a sensor and controller
speeds (speed servo) or position (servo position). The whole is then used to achieve and
maintain a defined speed, respectively. position. Actuator motor is then used in the system,
but sometimes this term denotes a whole.
Toshiba servo motor- servo drive
VF-PS1 Ac drive Ac motor inverter
Totally enclosed box type for IP54/UL type 12
High-frequency noise reduction
Harmonics reduction
LCD keypad as standard
IP54 protection for direct mounting on a wall
• IP54 product with EN 55011 class A or class B (IEC/EN 61800-3) built-in EMC filters
• New types of compact and space-saving DC reactor is built-in for all models
• Possible for palm top operation
VF-MB1 invertor
Slim design
For 240V-0.2kW to 0.75kW and 500V-0.4kW to 1.5kW models are fi tted to 45mm slim design.
And also, 240V-1.5kW to 2.2kW and 500V-2.2kW to 4.0kW models can be fi tted to 60mm.
Dual rating (CT/VT)
The Toshiba VF-MB1 can be used for the constant torque and variable torque applications by dual rating operation.
(5.5kW or larger type)
For example, if variable torque application (fan and pump) require 15kW drives, it can be operated by 11kW
rated of VF-MB1.
VF-AS1 ac motor drive inverter
The Toshiba AS1 Adjustable Speed Drive builds on Toshiba’s history of supplying powerful, reliable and versatile drives.
The modular construction of the AS1 allows the unit to be installed into nearly any application quickly and easily.
The drive can operate with little or no programming. At the same time, the AS1 maintains one of the most expansive
parameter sets in the industry. Its sealed cabinet design, new PID algorithm and motor-over-flux-braking technology
make this drive adept to handle the most difficult applications. The AS1’s advanced features and new technologies
make it the new contender in the PWM control drive market.
Toshiba vf-as1
Toshiba vf-MB1 INVERTER
Toshiba Tosvert VF-PS1
Toshiba VF-S15 (new motor controlles)

Toshiba’s heavy duty S15 adjustable speed drive is a compact and high performance drive designed for
controlling a wide range of variable and constant torque applications. This micro-drive is capable of working
with permanent magnet (PM) motors, which allows a greater flexibility in selecting a motor for an application
and optimizes energy savings. A robust design allows the S15 to operate in extreme temperatures and environments. In addition, the VF-S15 features advanced technologies, and an expanded PID control allows a
greater level of precise control and operation of difficult level control applications. No other micro-drive
delivers such reliable and extreme performance with extensive capabilities at such a competitive cost.
Toshiba VF-S11

The VF-S11 Adjustable Speed Drive is the next generation of micro drives. The S11 provides maximum torque with
precise speed control. It features an easy-to-use, quiet and compact design. A removable terminal board, l
arger terminals, bidirectional speed search and PID control are just a few features that make this
drive stand out against other micro drives. No other micro drive delivers such reliable performance and
extensive capabilities at such a competitive price.
VF-nC3 inverter Smart power inverter
The “turn-and-push” setting dial makes setup easy.
The large setting dial at the center of the front panel allows you to set the parameters easily. Just turn the
setting dial until you get the right parameter and push the setting dial to select.
You can also use the setting dial to set the reference frequency.

Easy to set parameters
*In Easy mode, you can navigate through only the most commonly used parameters.
VF-FS1 ac drive

Harmonics reduction, Power factor improvement
Toshiba unique technologies suppress harmonics, particularly 5th and 7th harmonic current that affect
power sources. And the power factor in all models has been improved. Harmonics are controlled to
within the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of international standard IEC61000-3-12 without any
external reactor. ( Rsce >= 120 )
toshiba inverter
Vf-nC3 toshiba variable speed controller
Toshiba TOSVERT  VF-S11


Toshiba new VF-s15
toshiba plc hmi
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