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Mitsubishi plc user manual / hand book
FX Series Programmable Controllers Hardware Manual  (Pdf)
MELSEC MEDOC – Start-up guide FOR DOS (Pdf)
Melsec Medoc plus Beginner´s Manual  (Pdf)
*** Introduction

· The FX-1PG/FX2N-1PG pulse generator unit (hereinafter referred to as “PGU”) performs simple positioning of an
independent axis (not interpolation control between multiple axes) by supplying a prescribed quantity of pulses (100 kHz
maximum) to drive amplifiers for servo or stepper motors.
· The FX-1PG is attached as an extension to the FX/FX2C series programmable controller (hereinafter referred to as “PC”),
and the FX2N-1PG is attached as an extension to the FX2N series PC. Each PGU functions as a special block which
transfers data with the PC using the FROM/TO instructions, and occupies 8 points of inputs or outputs. Up to 8 PGU
units can be connected to single PC so operation for independent 8 axes can be realized.
· The PGU provides connection terminals for positioning operations that require high-velocity responses as well as those
used for pulse train outputs. Other general I/O operations are controlled via the PC.
· Because all the program for positioning control are executed in the PC, the PGU does not require dedicated teaching
panel, etc. As the programming tools for the PC, the following devices are available without modification.
** FX-10P-E and FX-20P-E
** General-purpose personal computer (IBM)
· Various data access units as follows can be connected to the PC to set or display the positioning data.
** FX-10DU-E and FX-20DU-E
** FX-25DU-E, FX-30DU-E, FX-40DU-ES, FX-40DU-TK-ES and FX-50DU-TK(S)-E
FX-1PG pulse output module for Mitsubishi FX PLC
System of Units and Parameter Setting
[ BFM #0 ] Pulse rate
A: 1 to 32, 767 P/R
This is the number of input pulses required by the amplifier to rotate the motor by
1 revolution. It is not the number of encoder pulses per revolution of the motor.
(The pulse rate becomes a different value in accordance with the electronic gear ratio.)
The BFM#0 is not required to be set when the motor system of units described later is selected.
[ BFMs #2 and #1 ] Feed rate
B1 (distance specification) = 1 to 999,999 mm/R
B2 (angle specification) = 1 to 999,999 mdeg/R
B3 (distance specification) = 1 to 999,999 x10-4 inch/R
This is the machine travel B while the motor rotates by
1 revolution. Set either one among B1, B2 and B3 in
accordance with the unit among mm/R, mdeg/R and
10-4inch/R suitable to the application.
The BFMs #2 and #1 are not required to be set when
the motor system of units described later is selected.
[ BFM #3 ] Parameters (b0 to b15)
Set bits 0 to 15 as follows.
FX-1PG-E Pulse output user manual
M_FX-Series-Positioning Beginners.pdf
FX-2AD-PT  PT100 probe interface
FX-4AD-TC  Thermo-couple interface
FX-1HC  High speed counter
FX-1PG-E  Pulse output
FX-16NP/NT  Net-mini interface
FX-16NP/NT-S3  Net-mini-S3 interface
FX-4AD  Analog to digital converter
FX-2DA  Digital to analog converter
Special function block for Mitsubishi plc