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programmable logic control
GP-80 HGP.pdf
Povver svvitches of GP-80R0W and GP-80F/G must be turned OFF before the connection. ©  
GP-80R0VV is connected to the CN-3 connector of the GP-80F or
GP-80G with the cable "GP-80RCB".
(3)    Povver cable GP-80PCB are plugged vvith GP-80ROW and GP-80F (or GP-80G).
(4)    Plug the ROM cassette on the GP-80R0W (detailed in the later section).
(5)    Povver svvitches are turned ON ready to start the operation.

The interface unit of HP-16G is replaced vvith the HP-16IVVA interface
cassette as attached.
The memory cassette of HP-16G is also replaced vvith the
HP-1 6MWA'memory cassette as attached.
(2)    The povver svvitch of GP-80ROVV is turned OFF.
(3)    The GP-80ROVV and HP-16G are connected vvith a HPP cable GP-80HCB. 0  
The povver cable GP-80PCB is plugged vvith the GP-80ROVV unit.
®   Plug the ROM cassette on the GP-80ROVV (delailed in later section). (6)  
Povver svvitch of GP-80ROVV is turned ON ready to start the operation.
(1)   Rated povver must be supplied to GP-80ROVV as specified.
(2)   Ensure that the HP-16IVVA interface cassette and HP-16MVVA memory
       cassette are installed in the HP-16G unit.
(3)   Ensure that the GP-80HCB cable (HPP cable) is not connected to
the HGP (GP-80F/GP-80G).
The GP-80ROW is a ROM vvriter unit for the transferring of PC program betvveen
ROM cassette and RAM memory inside the type
GP-80 Handy Graphic Programming Panel for Mitsubishi F series and G series PCs.
The GP-80ROVV is also used in conjunction vvith the type HP-16G Handy Programming
Panel for the G series PC. İn this case, the GP-80ROW supplys the povver to the
HP-1 6G, vvith vvhich off-line programming (house programming) is available.
Dedicated programming for Mitsubishi plc
**FX-10P-E Programmes Mitsubishi Melsec FX PLC's.
FX-20P-E programming/monitoring unit of the compact hand-held type.
**GP-80 HGP +GP-80FXE-KIT ROM writer unit for the transferring
**MELSEC MEDOC For Melsec plc software
**FX-PCS/AT-EE floppy
Mitsubishi plc user manual / hand book
FX Series Programmable Controllers Hardware Manual  (Pdf)
MELSEC MEDOC – Start-up guide FOR DOS (Pdf)
Melsec Medoc plus Beginner´s Manual  (Pdf)