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programmable logic control
FX Series Programmable Controllers Hardware Manual  (Pdf)
MELSEC MEDOC – Start-up guide FOR DOS (Pdf)
Melsec Medoc plus Beginner´s Manual  (Pdf)
user manual / hand book
FX-8AV  FX-8AV : Potentiometer input unit
(8 potentiometers; values can be read in to PLC program)
FX2-40AP  Parallel link adapter-fiber optic connectors two fx or fx2c plc
FX2-40AW  For communication between two FX-systems
FX-232ADP  The FX-232ADP type RS232C adapter (heremafter called 232ADP)
IS connected to the FX(V3 07 or later),
FX-485ADP  The adapter for FX-485ADP RS485 or the adapter for FX0N-485ADP RS485
(both called 485ADP hereinafter) is designed to link the data between
PC and computer by using 485PC-IF.
*** Data exchange by request from computer
Specified data can be exchanged by sending a request command from the computer to the PC.
Except for few functions (global function, on-demand function), the program for data link is
not needed at the PC side.
** Batch read / write of all devices (word unit, bit unit) of PC is possible. By reading out the
content of each device of the PC, the operating state can be monitored, or the data can be
acquired and analyzed. Besides,
by writing data into each device, production control and production direction can be effected.
** Remote run / stop of PC is possible. A stopped PC can be started and stopped again
from the computer,
and therefore the PCs are remote controlled.
** A batch instruction can be issued to all PCs. When one computer and plural
PCs are connected, a specific device (special auxiliary relay M8126) can be turned on or
off from the computer to all PCs on the circuit.
This function is called the global function. This special auxiliary relay M8126 is an
exclusive device for global function.
*** Data exchange by request from PC
If transmission of emergency data from the PC to the computer is necessary, the
PC issues a send request to interrupt in the computer. This function is called on-demand
function, and is enabled only when the system is composed of one computer and one PC.
*** Data exchange by request from PC
     Extension I/O Units: 32 (16/16) and 48 (24/24) I/O
   Expansion I/O Units:
8 Inputs 24V Sink/Source, 120VAC, or TTL
16 Inputs 24V Sink/Source
4 Transistor (Sink) or Triac Outputs
8 Relay, Transistor (Sink or Source), or Triac Outputs
16 Relay, Transistor (Sink or Source), or Triac Outputs
4 Inputs Sink/Source plus 4 Relay Outputs
    Special Function Units:
High Speed Counter - 50 kHz
Pulse Positioning Module
Analog Output
    2 and 4 channel modules
    Voltage or Current selectable
    Digital Calibration with Custom Ranging
    12 bit resolution
Analog Input
    4 channel module
    Voltage or Current selectable
    Digital Calibration with Custom Ranging
    12 bit resolution
Thermocouple Input
    4 channel module
    Channels Individually J or K selectable
    12 bit resolution
    Internal Readings in Deg. C and F
RTD Input
    2 channel module
    Uses 100 Ohm Sensors
    12 bit resolution
    Internal Readings in Deg. C and F
Potentiometer Input
    Module has 8 user-adjustable potentiometers
    Can be used for manual timer setup
    8 bit resolution
    Serial Communications:
RS-232 adapter provides connection to printers, scales, remote computers,
or other controllers.
RS-485 adapter adds multi-drop FX series networking capabilities as well.
Fiber-optic link adapter allows data exchange between two FX PLC units.
    Special Function Units:
FX2C - The Power of Enhanced FX, Plus Distributed I/O
    High I/O Count Base Racks combine with Remotely Mounted
Terminal Blocks to produce our most versatile Micro PLC
    Terminal Blocks Can Mount Up To 300 Feet From Base Unit
    Use Standard Ribbon Cable to Connect Terminal Blocks to Base
    Base Units in Four Sizes:
FX2C-64: 32 in, 32 out
FX2C-96 48 in, 48 out
FX2C-128: 64 in, 64 out
FX2C-160: 80 in, 80 out
    Remote Mount Terminal Blocks:
16 and 32 Point Passive - use for Sink/Source input or Source Transistor output
16 Point 110VAC Input
16 Point Relay Output
16 Point Source Transistor Output (0.5 Amp)
16 Point Sink Transistor Output (0.5 Amp)
16 Point Triac Output (0.5 Amp)
All features of Enhanced FX are Available on FX2C
mitsubishi operator panel
Function adapters for mitsubishi melsec FX PLC's