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programmable logic control
FX Series Programmable Controllers Hardware Manual  (Pdf)
MELSEC MEDOC – Start-up guide FOR DOS (Pdf)
Melsec Medoc plus Beginner´s Manual  (Pdf)
FX-20DU-E Mitsubishi plc user manual / hand book
FX-20DU-E Mitsubishi  PLC data access unit
FX-20DU-E General display creatlon/edltlrg
This section gives the general procedure for selecting
User Screen mode textlobjects to add/&.
Enteringlediting text:
When the screen edit display is shown, text can be
entered directly. Use the [A] and p] keys to move
down/up the alphabet/symbol set. Use the [TIMER TI key to
switch between the upper lower case alphabet
and symbols. Numbers can be entered directly. When
the correct character is displayed, move the cursor along
to the position o fl #etnhe one using the[ q or [WD WH]
keys. [Dl deletes unwanted characters. Enter spaces
with W.
FX-20DU-E Enteringlediting objects:
Explanation of User Screen mode objects:   Please refer to Chapter 4,
section 4.1
To add a new object:
7) Select the required screen as explained earlier
and move the cursor to the required objed
2) Push the [SET) key to display the OBJECT
selection menuo n the bottom half of the display
FX-20DU-E Basic functions,
*** The current value and the set vaoluf ea timer or
counter can be displayed, anthde set value canb e
changed. In indirect setting usinga data register, the
data register number and contents cabne changed.
registers for FX series PCs) can be displayed, and the
contents canb e changed.
set valuesi f a keyword of levAe l or C has been
entered in the PC. In this c a s e , change the keyword to
that of level B. This makes it possible to change any
set value (see page 16 for error message).
However, for a device tob e accessed it must be
specified in the initial setup of the data access unit.
These setups and additional functions are explained
FX-10DU-e Operation user Manual .pdf
FX-20DU-E,FX-10DU-E user manual .pdf
Data access units  Man Machine Interface for mitsubishi plc
FX-10DU-E  Small message display unit
FX-30DU-E  Small screen basic graphics unit
FX-20DU-E  Timer, Counter, Data access unit
FX-25DU-E  Large message display unit
FX-40DU-ES  Large message display unit
FX-50DU-TKS-E Monochrome touch screen graphics unit
FX-50DU-TKS-E Color touch screen graphics unit
MAC 10/30/40/50/90/200 Text/Data Access unit
MTA 10/100/250/2000/G1 Text/Data Access unit