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FX Series Programmable Controllers Hardware Manual  (Pdf)
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FX-1HC High speed counter for Mitsubishi fx plc
*** The FX-1HC hardware high-speed counter block is 2-phase 50 kHz high-speed counter.
It is a special function block for the FX,
FX2C series PC. The FX-1HC counts at a higher speed than the built-in highspeed
counter of the PC (2-phase 2 kHz, 1-phase 10 kHz) and performs comparisons and outputs directly.
*** Various counter modes, such as 1-phase or 2-phase, 16-bit or 32-bit modes, can be selected
using commands from the PC.
Allow the FX-1HC unit to run only after setting these mode parameters.
*** The source of your input signal should be a 1 or 2 phase encoder.
A 5V, 12V, or 24V power source can be used.
An initial value setting command input (PRESET) and a count prohibit command input (DISABLE)
are also available.
*** The FX-1HC has two output. When the counter value coincides with an output compare value,
the appropriate output is set ON.
A PNP and an NPN output transistor is provided for both outputs to allow
either sink or source connection methods.
*** FX PCs versions 2.0 or later (those with serial number 13XXXX or larger) are required as these units have
the TO/FROM applied instructions in their instruction set. Data transfer between the FX-1HC and the
FX PC is by buffer memory exchange.
There are 32 buffer memories (each of 16 bits) in the FX-1HC.
*** The FX-1HC occupies 8 points of I/O on the FX or FX2C expansion bus.
The 8 points can be allocated from either inputs or outputs.

Please use the following program as a guide whenever you use the FX-1HC unit. Other instructions to
read the current value of the counter, status etc. can be added as required.M8002

K11 is written into BFM #0 of special function block No.2. The counter input is 16-bit 1-phase.
Please use a pulse command for this initialization.
K1234® BFM #3, #2 (special function block No.2)
The ring length can be specified when a 16-bit counter is specified.
UP/DOWN direction should be specified for 1-phase 1-input software determined UP/DOWN counter.
K1000® BFM #13, #12 Set the compare value for YH output.
K900 ® BFM #15, #14 Set the compare value
for YS output (not necessary if only YH output is used).
M_FX-Series-Positioning Beginners.pdf
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