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programmable logic control
Mitsubishi plc user manual / hand book
FX Series Programmable Controllers Hardware Manual  (Pdf)
MELSEC MEDOC – Start-up guide FOR DOS (Pdf)
Melsec Medoc plus Beginner´s Manual  (Pdf)
The MELSECNET/MINI-S3 is an I/O and
data transmission system for remote I/O units.
AJ71 PT32-S3 (for both ,Rberoptic cable
This system uses a master station of
and twisted-wire pdr cable), APCCPU
( fortwisted - wirepair cable ) , or AlSJ71 PT32-S3.
Among venous kinds of slave stations
connected to the master station, the FX-
16NP/NT-S3 interface units are used as
the interface block for linking the FX PLC
(hereafter called PCs). The FX series
PCs are used as the local PCs connected
to the A series master PCs.
The MELSECNET/MINI-S3 system handles
ON/OFF signals of 8 input points and
8 output points as well as 16-bit data of
28 points respectively for send and
receive (in expansion mode).
The FX-lGNP/NT handles ON/OFF signals
only (I/O dedicated mode).
On the FX PC On the A series PC
On the FX PC On the A series PC
Communications between the PC and the BFM Of 'PT-S3 Communications between the A series PC and
interface block (remote station) are carried out by using the
FROM/TO instructions. the BFM of the meter unit are carried out by
using the FROM/TO instructions.
BFM to PC Contesnaintmss t hteo trehf u a e cr teio ns as
those for the FX PC.
However, designate the head I/O number (higher
installed in the special block number area (1).
PC to BFM two digits) of the slot in which the master unit is

(1) (2) (3) (4) In the example, HOO or KO0 shall be designated.
Both the FX series PC and the A series PC can use 32-bit
A special extension unit number or block number. As- instructions and pulse-execution
type FROM/TO instrucsigned
from KO to K7 beginning with the one closest tions.
to the base unit.
BFM number Data transfer between buffer memories of remote stations
Data transfer device head address for destination (D) through the M-NET/MINI-S3 link.
or source (S). T, C, D, KnY, KnM, KnS, V or Z can
be specified for source or destination. KnX, K or H
can be specified for source only.
Number of points of transfer data. For example, if
K10 is designated for the data transfer from BFM #O to data register 1310, data is transferred from BFM
(#0 to #9) to (Dl 0 to Dl 9).
FX-2AD-PT  PT100 probe interface
FX-4AD-TC  Thermo-couple interface
FX-1HC  High speed counter
FX-1PG-E  Pulse output
FX-16NP/NT  Net-mini interface
FX-16NP/NT-S3  Net-mini-S3 interface
FX-4AD  Analog to digital converter
FX-2DA  Digital to analog converter
Special function block for Mitsubishi plc