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FX Series Programmable Controllers Hardware Manual  (Pdf)
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Melsec Medoc plus Beginner´s Manual  (Pdf)
FX-16EYR-ES-TB/UL,16 point (Direct input/output) For
Mitsubishi Melsec FX PLC  user manual / hand book
Do not lay I/O cables next to power cables or
allow them to share the same trunking duct.
*** Where I/O signals are used over an extended
distance consideration
must be made for voltage drop and noise interference.
*** Use crimp-style terminals of the dimensions shown
in the figure below.
*** Tighten terminals at a torque of 0.5 to 0.8 N.m.
Securely tighten terminals
so that malfunction does not occur.
      Guidelines for the safety of the user and protection of the FX-16EYR-ES-TB/UL  TERMINAL BLOCKS
• This manual has been written to be used by trained and competent personnel. This is defined
by the European directives for machinery, low voltage and EMC.
    • If in doubt at any stage during the installation of the FX-16EYR-ES-TB/UL
TERMINAL BLOCKS always consult a
professional electrical engineer who is qualified and trained to the local and national standards.
If in doubt about the operation or use of the FX-16EYR-ES-TB/UL TERMINAL BLOCKS please consult
the nearest Mitsubishi Electric distributor.
      • Under no circumstances will Mitsubishi Electric be liable or responsible for any consequential
damage that may arise as a result of the installation or use of this equipment.
      • All examples and diagrams shown in this manual are intended only as an aid to understanding
the text, not to guarantee operation. Mitsubishi Electric will accept no responsibility for
actual use of the product based on these illustrative examples.
       • Owing to the very great variety in possible application of this equipment, you must satisfy
yourself as to its suitability for your specific application.
FX-16EYR-ES-TB/UL Terminal blocks convert I/O terminals of connector type PLC into terminal blocks.
Some terminal blocks
directly extend inputs and outputs of PLC. Other terminal blocks are equipped with diversified built-in
devices, and function only as inputs or only as outputs.
Remote terminal blocks allow I/O modules to be placed at
the point of control.
The blocks are connected with FX3UC main units
using connector-type I/O cabling.

Model Number: FX-16EYR-ES-TB/UL
Stocked Item: S
Rating: UL • cUL
Max. Number of Inputs/Outputs: 16
Integrated Inputs (Sink): 16 (24VDC)
Integrated Outputs: —
Output Type: —
Switching Voltage (Max.): —
Max. Output Current Per Output (A): —
Max. Output Current Per 4 Outputs (A): —
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 150 x 55 x 45
Applicable PLCs: FX3UC
FX-16E-TB user manual.pdf
Output terminal  block For Mitsubishi Melsec FX PLC
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