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FX Series Programmable Controllers Hardware Manual  (Pdf)
MELSEC MEDOC – Start-up guide FOR DOS (Pdf)
Melsec Medoc plus Beginner´s Manual  (Pdf)
FX-1ODU Mitsubishi
plc user manual / hand book
FX10DUE, Mitsubishi  Data Acquisition Unit
FX10DUE Mitsubishi  Data Acquisition Unit
** The FX-1ODU Data Access Uniist installed on the
surface of the control panel. It is linked by a dedicated
Connector cable FX series PC
connector cable to aFnX series PC inside the control
panel. The data access unit is used to display the
current values of timers, counters and data registers, as
well as to change set values.
This unit has an LCD (16 lettexrs 2 lines) illuminated by
a long-life LED backlight. Poweirs supplied from the PC
through the dedicated cable previously mentioned.
** Since different applicable cables are used F fXoor series
PCs and FX series PCs, make sure to always use the
proper cable, ass hown in the table on theri ght of this page.
whose specifications and functions are tshaem e for all PCS.
This unit is an easy-to-use, small-size display unit
FX10DUE Basic functions,
*** The current value and the set vaoluf ea timer or
counter can be displayed, anthde set value canb e
changed. In indirect setting usinga data register, the
data register number and contents cabne changed.
registers for FX series PCs) can be displayed, and the
contents canb e changed.
set valuesi f a keyword of levAe l or C has been
entered in the PC. In this c a s e , change the keyword to
that of level B. This makes it possible to change any
set value (see page 16 for error message).
However, for a device tob e accessed it must be
specified in the initial setup of the data access unit.
These setups and additional functions are explained
There are restrictions for changing set values when the
PC is using certain memortyy pes or if the PCi s in
RUN/STOP. These restrictions are identified itnh e
table overleaf
FX-10DU-e Operation user Manual .pdf
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