FX-128MR-ES/UL 64 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 64 relay
FX-80MR-ES/UL 40 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 40 relay
FX-64MR-ES/UL 32 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 32 relay
FX-48MR-ES/UL 24 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 24 relay
FX-32MR-ES/UL 16 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 16 relay
FX-24MR-ES/UL 12 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 12 relay
FX-16MR-ES/UL 8 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 8 relay
FX-128MT-ESS/UL 64 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 64 source transistor 
FX-80MT-ESS/UL  40 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 40 source transistor 
FX-64MT-ESS/UL  32 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 32 source transistor
FX-48MT-ESS/UL  24 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 24 source transistor
FX-32MT-ESS/UL  16 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 16 source transistor
FX-24MT-ESS/UL  12 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 12 source transistor
FX-16MT-ESS/UL   8 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 8 source transistor
General Overview
The Mitsubishi FX0 PLC range of products are stand alone, programmable controllers.
The FX0 offers all necessary components such as power supply,
Central Processing Unit (CPU), Input/Output (I/O) control and switchgear
built in as standard. This makes
the FX0 easy to configure and easy to use. Maintenance of the FX0 is also very
easy - there are no batteries to change or rely upon for backing up active data.
This is automatically taken care of by the FX0's internal EEPROM memory.
Up to 30 I/O
Wide Tolerance Power Supplies AC100-240V, DC24V
Micro Size, Economical All-in-one Easy Handling
Optional Mounting, Easy Installation, Low Maintenance
High Speed Transistor Input
Free Regurated 24VDC Services Supply
Real Versatibility and Programming Power
Built-in Run/Stop and an Analog Potentiometer
Choice of Relay or Transistor outputs
AC power supply models Mitsubishi fx plc
FX2C-64MT-ESS/UL (source) Transistor output
FX2C-96MT-ESS/UL (source) Transistor output
FX2C-128MT-ESS/UL (source) Transistor output
FX2C-160MT-ESS/UL (source)  Transistor output
FX2C-64MT-E/UL (sink)  Transistor output
FX2C-128MT-E/UL (sink)  Transistor output
FX-80MR-DS  FX-80MR-DS DC power supply, 40 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 40 relay O/P
FX-64MR-DS  DC power supply, 32 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 32 relay
FX-48MR-DS  DC power supply, 24 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 24 relay
FX-24MR-DS  DC power supply, 12 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 12 relay
FX-48MR-UA1/UL  AC power supply,24 AC85-132V I/P, 24 relay
FX-24MR-UA1/UL  AC power supply,12 AC85-132V I/P, 12 relay
FX-64MR-UA1/UL  AC power supply,32 AC85-132V I/P, 32 relay
Extension I/O Units: 32 (16/16) and 48 (24/24) I/O
Expansion I/O Units:
8 Inputs 24V Sink/Source, 120VAC, or TTL
16 Inputs 24V Sink/Source
4 Transistor (Sink) or Triac Outputs
8 Relay, Transistor (Sink or Source), or Triac Outputs
16 Relay, Transistor (Sink or Source), or Triac Outputs
4 Inputs Sink/Source plus 4 Relay Outputs
Special Function Units:
High Speed Counter
- 50 kHz
Pulse Positioning Module
Analog Output
2 and 4 channel modules
Voltage or Current selectable
Digital Calibration with Custom Ranging
12 bit resolution
Analog Input
4 channel module
Voltage or Current selectable
Digital Calibration with Custom Ranging
12 bit resolution
Thermocouple Input
4 channel module
Channels Individually J or K selectable
12 bit resolution
Internal Readings in Deg. C and F
RTD Input
2 channel module
Uses 100 Ohm Sensors
12 bit resolution
Internal Readings in Deg. C and F
Potentiometer Input
Module has 8 user-adjustable potentiometers
Can be used for manual timer setup
8 bit resolution
Serial Communications:
RS-232 adapter provides connection to printers, scales, remote computers,
or other controllers.
RS-485 adapter adds multi-drop FX series networking capabilities as well.
Fiber-optic link adapter allows data exchange between two FX PLC units.
FX-32ER-ES/UL AC Power supply, 16 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 16  relay O/P
FX-48ER-ES/UL AC Power supply, 24 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 24  relay O/P
FX-48ET-ESS/UL AC Power supply, 24 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 24  source transistor O/P
FX-48ER-UA1/UL AC Power supply, 24 AC85-132V I/P, 24  relay O/P
FX-48ER-DS DC Power supply, 24 DC24V Sink/Source I/P, 24  relay O/P
FX-8AV  Potentiometer input unit (8 potentiometers; values can be read in to PLC program)
FX2-40AP  Parallel link adapter-fiber optic connectors two fx or fx2c plc
FX2-40AW  For communication between two FX-systems
FX-232ADP  The FX-232ADP type RS232C adapter (heremafter called 232ADP)
IS connected to the FX(V3 07 or later),
FX-485ADP  The adapter for FX-485ADP RS485 or the adapter for FX0N-485ADP RS485 (both called
485ADP hereinafter) is designed to link the data between PC and computer by using 485PC-IF.
Function adapters
Function adapters
Powered extension unit
Data access units  Man Machine Interface
FX-10DU-E  Small message display unit
FX-30DU-E  Small screen basic graphics unit
FX-20DU-E  Timer, Counter, Data access unit
FX-25DU-E  Large message display unit
FX-40DU-ES  Large message display unit
FX-50DU-TKS-E Monochrome touch screen graphics unit
FX-50DU-TKS-E Color touch screen graphics unit
MAC 10/30/40/50/90/200 Text/Data Access unit
MTA 10/100/250/2000/G1 Text/Data Access unit
FX-16EYR-TB  16 pt (Direct input/output)
FX-16EYT-ES-TB/UL 16 pt (Direct input/output)
FX-16EYT-ESS-TB/UL  16 pt (Direct input/output)
FX-16EYS-ES-TB/UL  16 pt (Direct input/output)
FX-16EYR-ES-TB/UL  16 pt (Direct input/output)
Output terminal  block
FX-16E-TB/UL    16 pt (Direct input/output)
Data access units
Output terminal  block
FX-32E-TB/UL  32 pt (Direct input/output)
FX-16EX-A1-TB/UL Ac 110v input terminal
FX-232AW/AWC  Single direction RS-232 communication
Computer interface
RS 422/ RS 232 CONVERTER  multi-drop communication port
FX-232AWCRS-232 communication (no mounting)
Dedicated programming
**FX-10P-E  fully supports all items and procedures used for the FX
programming/monitoring unit of the compact hand-held type.
**MELSEC MEDOC Software for mitsubishi fx plc
**FX-PCS/AT-EE  can be created by using a personal computer and the DUIAT-EE software.
FX-8EYR-ES/UL  8 relay O/P
FX-8EYT-ESS/UL  8 source transistor O/P
FX-8EYS-ES/UL  8 Triac O/P
FX-16EYR-ES/UL  16 relay O/P
FX-16EYT-ESS/UL 16 source transistor O/P
FX-16EYS-ES/UL  16 Triac O/P
FX-8ER-ES/UL  8 relay output
Extension block
Computer interface
Dedicated programming
Extension block
Memory cassette
Memory cassette
FX-RTC Real time calendar clock
FX-EEPROM-4 4k EEPROM cassette
FX-EEPROM-4C 4k EEPROM cassette with real time calendar clock
FX-EEPROM-8 8k EEPROM cassette
FX-EEPROM-8C 8k EEPROM cassette with real time calendar clock
FX-RAM-8 8k RAM cassette
FX-RAM-8C 8k RAM cassettte with real time calendar clock
100-240 VAC or 24 VDC Powered
AC Powered Units Feature 200mA 24VDC Utility Supply
2000 Step Program Memory, expandable to 8000 Steps
Pluggable EEPROM Program Cassettes - Adds Real-Time Clock Capability
DC Inputs (Sink/Source Selectable) and Relay Outputs
120 VAC Inputs (Sink) and Relay Outputs
DC Inputs (Sink/Source Selectable) and Transistor Outputs (Source)
DC Inputs (Sink) and Transistor Outputs (Sink)
DC Inputs (Sink) and Triac Outputs
All Wiring is to Removeable Double Level Terminal Block
6 High Speed Counter/High Speed Interrupt Inputs Standard
Transistor Outputs can be used as Pulse Train Outputs
Enhanced Instruction Set with Floating Point Math and PID
Logic Instructions scan at 0.48 ms/1000 Instructions
256 Timers, 256 Counters, 1500 Memories, 1000 Data Registers, 2000
FX-2PIF Multiport interface for FX and DUs
Multi-port adapter
Multi-port adapter
Computer software
Computer software
FX2C - The Power of Enhanced FX, Plus Distributed I/O
High I/O Count Base Racks combine with Remotely Mounted Terminal Blocks to produce
our most versatile Micro PLC
Terminal Blocks Can Mount Up To 300 Feet From Base Unit
Use Standard Ribbon Cable to Connect Terminal Blocks to Base
Base Units in Four Sizes:
FX2C-64: 32 in, 32 out
FX2C-96 48 in, 48 out
FX2C-128: 64 in, 64 out
FX2C-160: 80 in, 80 out

Remote Mount Terminal Blocks:
16 and 32 Point Passive - use for Sink/Source input or Source Transistor output
16 Point 110VAC Input
16 Point Relay Output
16 Point Source Transistor Output (0.5 Amp)
16 Point Sink Transistor Output (0.5 Amp)
16 Point Triac Output (0.5 Amp)
All features of Enhanced FX are Available on FX2C
Special function block
Special function block
FX-4AD  Analog to digital converter
FX-2DA Digital to analog converter
FX-2AD-PT  PT100 probe interface
FX-4AD-TC  Thermo-couple interface
FX-1HC  High speed counter
FX-1PG-E  Pulse output
FX-16NP/NT  Net-mini interface
FX-16NP/NT-S3  Net-mini-S3 interface
Ambient Temperature: 0-55C (in operation) -20 to 70C (in storage)
Ambient Humidity:   38-85%RH, no condensation (in operation)
Vibration Resistance: Conforms to JIS C0911. 10-55Hz 0.5 mm (0.02in.) (Max. 2G) 2 hours in each of 3 axis directions (0.5G on DIN rail)
Shock Resistance: Comforms to JIS C0912 (10G 3 times in 3 directions)
Noise Durability: By noise simulator of 1000 Vpp noise voltage, 1┬Ás noise width at 30-100Hz
Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 1500V AC for 1 minute Insulation Resistance
(terminal and ground) 5MOhm or larger by 500V DC
insulation resistance: tester
Groung: Class 3 ground (100 Ohm or less)
Operating Ambient: Must be free from corrosive gases. Dust should be minimal.
programmable logic control
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