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programmable logic control
FX0S-20MR-ES/UL Mitsubishi Melsec PLC
AC power supply,12 digital input,6 RELAY output
FX0S-20MR-ES/UL Mitsubishi Melsec PLC General Overview
The FXOS range of products offer users certain model variations which can .switch higher current output signals and receive
AC input signals. As with all Mitsubishi 'brick' type controllers, the power supply, CPU and I/O components are
presented in a single product. The FXOS is the smallest programmable controller of its kind manufactured
by Mitsubishi. The FXos is totally (100%) compatible in a programming sense with in FXo counterpart.
FX0S-20MR-ES/UL Features Include
Wide Tolerance Power Supply;
As with all FX Family programmable controllers, a Wide tolerance power supply means concern free use anywhere in the world.
AC Supply    100-240V  +10%/-15%
User Friendly Features:
The FXos has a useful RUN/STOP switch, allowing quick and easy operation yet it remains discreetly bidden next to
the programming port In addition there is a single analog potentiometer which can be used to indirectly change
data values, timer durations etc.
Flexible Mounting Arrangements:
AS Witb all FX Family programmable controllers users are offered the choice between 35mm DIN rail or the use
of direct mounting facilities.50/GQHz
FX0S-20MR-ES/UL Mitsubishi Melsec PLC
Step Execution Time;
3.6 microsecs max
Program Capacity; 1.6K (800 program steps)
Size of Instruction Set; 20 basic, 2 step ladder, 35 applied (57 total)
Power Supply; 100-240 VAC, 12 VDC depending on model
Maximum Service Supply; 200 mA at 24 VDC
Maximum Number of; I/O 16 inputs, 14 outputs (depends on model; numbered in octal)
Input Rating; 24 VDC or 120 V (85-132 VAC) depending on model
Max. Output Relay Current; 2.5 A / point 8A / 4 point common (250 VAC/ 30 VDC)
Max. Transistor O/P Current; 0.5 A / point, 0.8 A / 4 point common (30 VDC)
512 general purpose internal flags (auxiliary relays)
56 special purpose internal flags (auxiliary relays)
64 states (for use in Step Ladder programs)
56 timers (minimum delay 0.01 sec)
Device Table 15 counters
4 single-phase high speed counters (maximum frequency 7kHz) or;
1 quadrature high speed counter (maximum frequency 2kHz)
32 data registers (including 2 non-volatile)
27 special purpose data registers
FX0S-20MR-ES/UL Mitsubishi Melsec PLC Large Capacity Service Supply:
'Ihe lOios-'itScMR-ES units are equipped with a 200mA, 24VDCservice Supply. Uses ranf-e from
sensor supplies to providing power for additional monitoring peripherals.
FX0S-20MR-ES/UL Battery-less Backup:
Because of the use ofEEPROM memory in the FXos, any data which requires storage when the
unit is powered down, does not rely on the quality or availability of a bt4l-tery to provide backup.
This makes fflv user friendly AND a minimal mainte­nance product.
FX0S-20MR-ES/UL High Powered Relay Outputs:
All models of the FXos have high powered relay outputs, these devices protide the ability to switch
Currents up lo 2JAmps with an activation lime of approximately 10 msec.
FX0S-20MR-ES/UL Smallest Unit Footprint:
The FXos products are the Smallest footprint programmable controllers available from
Mitsubishi electric Yet the I'Xos ako bus high powered inputs and output facilities which
make it ideal for 'Heavy Duty' applications.
FX0S-20MR-ES/UL Mitsubishi Melsec PLC  Choice of Input Devices:
Users can choose between standard DC tran­sistor inputs providing biub speed counting and
interrupt services (up to 7kHz) OR AC inputs uihicb can accept signals between 85-1.Wat SCrWlti,
giving wide unci flexi­ble use In beany engineering applications.
• No matter whether you’re working with AC (100-240 V), DC (12 or 24 V), need transistors or relay switching (up to 2.5 A), or need to keep AC input capability,
the FX0S line-up offers the right PLC type from its wide variety of power and I/O types.
• A fully integrated control package which frees you from the configuration of CPUs, power supplies and I/O systems. The FX0S also includes a 200 mA power supply,
allowing you to remove the hidden cost of a separate sensor power supply in most cases.
• Duplicate an existing relay control scheme in the unit’s 1.6K (800 steps) memory, and still have enough room to add new system features only possible with the FX0S.
• Replace the functions of discrete control relays costing several times that of the PLC by using the FX0S’s comprehensive array of timers, counters and data memory.
• Implement closed loop control by tracking encoders or other pulse generating devices at up to 7kHz, while  imultaneously generating a 2kHz pulse output and hardware interrupts.
Few PLCs in this class can offer you this level of performance.
• Once the FX0S is installed, there is no need for maintenance, and no risk for program loss,due to its battery-free, non-volatile memory.
• If your needs are more sophisticated, the FX0S offers a very capable instruction set which boasts 32 bit math for process calculations, and a
full complement of data handling instructions such as shift registers
   FX0S PLC handles a broad range of applications
in the low I/O count part of the automation
spectrum. The FX0S can be used simply to gain
major savings in panel space and labor costs
when wiring panels, as opposed to hard-wired
relay panels. It also offers you the flexibility of
changing your control specification just by
reprogramming, not rewiring. The FX0S is also
an ideal controller for users who are familiar with
the advantages of a PLC, but whose application
requires less than 30 I/O. Some of the benefits
the FX0S can offer you:
• Minimal learning curve before your
application’s up and running when you use
our Windows based GPP-WIN programming
software. The powerful Step Ladder
(STL) programming method (originated by
Mitsubishi) makes ladder logic programming
even easier by isolating your program into
discrete operations in a sequence.
• The heart of a self-contained sequence
control system with or without our optional user
interfaces for a window on your machine’s
operation (see p. 10 for our HMI line up).